L1J Resurrection - Private Server


L1J Resurrection is a free English Lineage 1 private server. The primary goal of this project is to provide a stable, long-term place to play Lineage for players in North America, where the official servers were shut down. Players from countries that still have official servers are not allowed to play here. We do not accept donations. Many exploits have already been fixed. L1J Resurrection is focused primarily on stability, so that players reliably have a place to partake in nostalgic gaming.

Server rates:

  • Exp: 16x until 52, then 8x
  • Soft cap starts at 74, will be increased slowly over time.
  • Adena: 4x
  • Karma: 16x
  • Drops: 3x


(Event) Join the fight! - Sept 1 - Sept 12

*Edit again*

Whoops! I set the event to end with today's reset, but never told the server to reset. Enjoy 1 more day of the event!

*Edit* Event extended until Wednesday, September 12th because of the Kiringku bug. That will be fixed with the reset Tuesday morning.

With the Lastavard army's numbers fading, they have looked to the dark arts and have managed to forge new weapons that contain the power imbued from Fidelity Dantes himself!

Their numbers are fading, and they are looking for recruits to weild these new weapons and help them in their war!

From September 1 - September 12th, you will be able to receive a shadow Fidelity weapon from the Lastavard Blacksmiths found in Giran, Oren, and Silver Knight Town.

These weapons will only last 5 hours (that is 5 hours of equip time, so if you unequip it, it will last longer). You can only have 1 shadow weapon on a character at any time. You can also enchant them with normal enchant scrolls, or illusion enchant scrolls that are available for 10k a piece at all NPCs that currently sell normal enchant scrolls.

While you're out there helping the cause, you'll also be getting 2x exp and 2x drops!

Also, be sure to update to the latest launcher (3.01) or the text file will not patch properly and you won't be able to talk to the NPC!

Fids and Tikal Released!

The following will go live with the reset the morning of Monday, August 20.

The crack of time will now be random between Tikal and Thebes. We didn't get much feedback on tikal, so if you notice anything, be sure to let us know!

Fidelity weapons have had their stats updated and to match the test server. You can check out the stats of the weapons in the database. For convenience, I have linked them below:

Two-Handed Sword
Chain Sword

Note that your launcher will patch the fidelity NPC dialogue before they are available. Those updates will do nothing until the reset Monday morning.

As always, let me know if you notice anything!

Tikal and Fids hit the test server!

Test Server info:

    • I do not have any of the protections set up on the test server that the live server has, so do not use your normal credentials
    • Accounts are auto-create
  2. All characters start with:
    • Level 76
    • Candle of Reminiscence
    • 1 billion adena
    • GM shops enabled to buy (most) items
    • All skills learned for your class. Note: Elves will only be able to use the skills for the element line they choose
    • All fid weapons
  3. The test server is NOT running the same build as the live server; you may notice missing features or other things.

Tikal Information:

  1. You can use -warp 11 to access the tikal area, and -warp 12 to access the tikal boss
  2. Tikal boss will spawn 5-10 minutes after he dies

Let me know if you think it is too easy/too hard (both boss and hunting area), any/all feedback appreciated.

Fidelity information:

Fids now have the following stats:

Dagger (Wind Blade Dagger)

  • Small Damage: 23
  • Large Damage: 16
  • Hit Modifier: 10
  • Damage Modifier: 10
  • Add Dex: 2
  • Cannot be damaged
  • Proc: Leeches 5-12 damage with every hit

Two-Handed Sword (Execution Sword of Fidelity)

  • No changes

Edo (Edoryu of Red Shadow)

  • Damage Small: 27
  • Damage large: 18
  • Hit Modifier: 10
  • Damage Modifier: 18
  • Add Dex: 2
  • Add Wis: 2
  • Double Damage Chance: 25%
  • Cannot be damaged
  • Proc: None

Staff (Crystalized Staff)

  • Damage Small: 13
  • Damage Large: 15
  • Add Int: 2
  • Add MP: 50
  • Add MPR: 12
  • Add SP: 8
  • 1 handed
  • Cannot be damaged
  • Proc: Lightning storm (10%) (30-45 damage)

Claw (Claw of Savage King):

  • Damage Small: 25
  • Damage Large: 20
  • Hit Modifier: 8
  • Damage Modifier: 10
  • Add Dex: 2
  • Double Damage Chance: 35%
  • Cannot be damaged
  • Proc: None

Bow (Demon King Bow)

  • Damage Small: 5
  • Damage Large: 5
  • Hit Modifier: 10
  • Damage Modifier: 15
  • Add Dex: 3
  • Cannot be damaged
  • Safe to +6
  • Proc: Cone of Cold (10%) (40-80 damage)

Chain Sword (Fidelity Chain Sword)

  • Damage Small: 25
  • Damage Large: 20
  • Hit Modifier: 10
  • Damage Modifier: 15
  • Add Str: 2
  • Add HP: 50
  • Proc: Ice Lance (10%) (40-80 damage)

Kiringku (Fidelity Kiringku)

  • Damage Small: 33
  • Damage Large: 33
  • Damage Modifier: 5
  • Add Int: 2
  • Add SP: 5
  • Proc: Leeches 5-12 mana with every hit

All of the above stats are subject to change (that is why I'm having you guys test!).

I have created a feedback post here for you to post everything in. Trying to keep the announcements section a little more organized.

Updates Saturday July 28

The following updates just went live with the server reset:

  • Fixed dark blind probability so now it will actually work on the server
  • Bloodlust can now stack
  • Mortal Body's calculation has been changed to be AC/2 with a minimum of 35 damage, as opposed to the previous hard-coded 30 damage
  • Dragon Skin will now give the following damage reduction, as opposed to the previous hard-coded value of 3
    • 3 at < level 72
    • 4 at 72
    • 5 at 74
    • 6 at 76
    • 7 at 78
    • 8 at 80+
  • Ranking boards no longer care about the level difference between players, it only cares that you are 70+
  • AoE skills now correctly only miss pets/summons in PvP
  • Turns out it is a pain for me to remove adena from ToI boss floors only so, for now, 91floor+ do not have adena drops, but all others do


For the devs: this handled up to commit b52c9572

Server Updates July 23

The following updates will go live the morning of July 23rd.

  • Fixed sanctum keys so they can only be used on escapable maps
  • You can now only accept a trade while face to face with the trader
  • You can no longer heal someone who is earth binded
  • Impartial Arbalest will no longer take off CM with every shot
  • Uncanny dodge now shows the correct time on the icon (it previously always stacked server-side, but didn't display client-side)
  • Dark Blind now works in PvP (will not work on mobs)
  • AoE attacks will no longer attack pets/summons (PvP only)
  • Ranking boards have been modified to only show kills over the last year, and not a Kill/Death ratio
  • Ranking boards now only list kills on characters >= level 70 and only if the character is <= 5 levels below you
  • Ranking board has been fixed to be tied to character object id instead of name
  • You must now wait 5 days between leaving a pledge and joining a new one
  • Adena has been added back to ToI for all floors except 90+ and floors that have a boss

For the devs: this handles up to commit bbccac55


July Event Update

Few changes to the event.

1. Chances for bosses to spawn have been increased:
  - 100% chance for 1 boss to spawn
  - 80% chance for 2 bosses to spawn
  - 20% chance for 3 bosses to spawn

2. When you kill a boss, it will announce your name now.

3. Removed Baphomet from the possible boss spawns

4. Tweaked the spawn so the boss will spawn 2-5 minutes after the "aura" message, as opposed to 0 - 5 minutes after

5. Fixed issue with karma bosses requiring the buff... Watch out if they spawn until tonight's reset!

Server Updates complete!

The market is working again and the gameserver is back up!

A new security feature has been added to the website. You can now restrict which IP addresses can access your game account.

This feature is opt-in, meaning it is not enabled by default and you must follow the steps below to enable it!

To do so, click "Game Accounts" at the top of the forum. You can enable IP restrictions per account by clicking the checkbox beside the "Restrict IPs" text.

IP Restriction Enabled for acount:

IP Restriction Disabled for account: 

You can also click on the cog/gear with the pencil on it in the picture above to add an IP address for that specific account.

Contact us if you have any issues!

Server Downtime (July 2nd)

The server will be down from approximately 12:00PM - 3:00PM Eastern on July 2nd for maintenance.

During this window, the following will be completed:

1. Market will be fixed

2. Characters missing HP from the rollback will be corrected (assuming you reported it in this topic)

3. New security measures will be implemented to lock down IP addresses on your account. This will mean, if you enable this feature on your account, even if someone has your account name and password, if they aren't accessing it via an allowed IP, they will not be allowed in. This feature will be available via the "Game Accounts" tab.


During this time, the game server will be down, with a chance of the web having intermittant availablity.


July Event!

Boss Event

Bosses have found their way out of their caves and are weaking havoc around mainland aden!.. I'm not a writer so that is about as much lore as you'll get out of me...


  • The event runs from July 4th - July 8th
  • 1 boss will spawn every hour, with a 30% chance of a second boss spawning
  • Boss drop rates are 70% of normal
  • A maximum of 2 bosses can spawn per IP address, per day
  • The following bosses will spawn, and bosses that require buffs to damage no longer require those buffs:
    • Ancient Giant
    • Baphomet
    • Beleth
    • Cougar
    • Death Knight
    • Grim Reaper
    • Ice Queen
    • Iris
    • Kurtz
    • Lich
    • Mummy Lord
    • Seer
    • Supreme Court Justice Barode
    • Supreme Court Justice Baromes
    • Supreme Court Justice Edea
    • Supreme Court Justice Endias
    • Supreme Court Justice Kenya
    • Supreme Court Justice Ramias
    • Supreme Court Justice Tiames
    • Supreme Court Justice Viatas
    • Tarak
    • Thebes Anubis
    • Thebes Horus
    • Varlok

How it actually works: 

A random time within every hour, a message will appear in global ("[******] A strange aura has appeared on mainland!"). When this message appears, you have up to 5 minutes to get to the mainland aden map.

After the ~5 minutes has passed, it will spawn the boss(es). To have a boss spawn near you, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be on mainland aden map
  • Must be level 55+
  • Must be in a normal (non combat/safety) zone
  • Must not be dead

If you are the person randomly chosen, then a rift that looks like the tikal/thebes crack will appear near you. Then, 3 seconds later the boss will appear and start attacking.

When the boss spawns, global will tell players what boss has spawned, but not where. When the boss spawns, it will also yell, so anyone in the area should get a rough idea of where it spawned.

Bosses will de-spawn after 15 minutes.

Shops Online: 3

Live Players Online: 6

  • Royals: 0
  • Knights: 2
  • Elves: 3
  • Mages: 1
  • Dark Elves: 0
  • Illusionists: 0
  • Dragon Knights: 0

Today's Sieges:

No sieges in the next 12 hours!

L1J Resurrection server features:
  • No donations allowed
  • Market web app
  • Database lookup web app
  • No swing lag
  • No MP regen bug
  • Reduced junk drops
  • Several major exploits eliminated
  • Automatic database backups
  • Account management
  • Medium rates
  • Stable and long term
  • English only
  1. Register a web account
  2. Create a game account
  3. Install and run Launcher.exe
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