L1J Resurrection - Private Server


L1J Resurrection is a free English Lineage 1 private server. The primary goal of this project is to provide a stable, long-term place to play Lineage for players in North America, where the official servers were shut down. Players from countries that still have official servers are not allowed to play here. We do not accept donations. Many exploits have already been fixed. L1J Resurrection is focused primarily on stability, so that players reliably have a place to partake in nostalgic gaming.

Server rates:

  • Exp: 16x until 52, then 8x
  • Soft cap starts at 74, will be increased slowly over time.
  • Adena: 4x
  • Karma: 16x
  • Drops: 3x


Server Maintenance!

On Monday, September 4th, the web server and game server will be down for approximately 3 hours starting at 12:00PM Eastern time. Check this post for more details.

Giran Prison Released!

Giran Prison will officially open with tonight's reset (Sept. 2)! See this post on the forums for more details.

Soft cap increased from 73 to 74

As part of the server's anniversary (April, 2017), the soft cap has been increased to begin at 74 instead of 73. Next year it will be raised to 75.

Happy New Year! 2017 starts off with a bang!

We've just started off 2017 with a large cheater clean up. Welcome to all of our new players. We have over 100 users online at a time on average!

Web site back up

Had to do a little maintenance, but it's all good now.

Kent castle opened up, and lots of bug fixes

Since the server's population has been rising, we've opened up Kent castle so that there are now two castles to siege. Both sieges will remain at the same time, so that less powerful pledges can have a chance to compete for the smaller castle.

Smitty has also been fixing a ton of bugs, and there are various other changes that have happened. Check out the Announcements section of the forum for more information.

Halloween event 2015

The boss event, currently on test server, will go live the weekend of Halloween. It will begin on Thursday, October 29th, and end the morning of Monday, November 2nd.

We will also have a double experience event surrounding the boss event. It will begin on the morning of Monday, October 26th, and end on the morning of Monday, November 9th.

Soft cap increased from 70 to 71

As part of the server's first year anniversary (April, 2015), the soft cap has been increased to begin at 71 instead of 70. Next year it will be raised to 72.

Christmas/New Years event Dec. 19th 2014 - Aden Siege Jan. 3rd

We are having a Christmas and New Years event from Dec 19th to Jan 5th. Item drop chances will be increased by 33%, and experience will be increased by 25%. In addition, all level 55 polymorphs will be unlocked for everyone during the event! Near the end of the event, on January 3rd, 2015 from 10PM-11PM EST, Aden Castle will be opened for siege.

Halloween event October 20th 2014

We are having a Halloween event from Oct 20th to Nov 3rd. 50% experience bonus! Kill Jack-O-Lanterns and collect Giant Pumpkin Seeds. Trade them in town for Pumpkin Seeds to craft Bronze, Silver, and Gold Pumpkins which contain nice loot!

Web market now open!

We now have a web market to make trading in-game items for in-game currency easier! To use it, first place items and adena into your personal dwarf storage. There is no need to log out of the game to use the market.

Weekend polymorph event

As a welcome to the new players that have arrived due to unfortunate circumstances, we're doing a polymorph event during the weekend of August 15th 2014. The event will end on the morning of August 18th. All level polymorphs level 52 and under have no level requirement. Have fun.

Automatic server restarts

The server is now scheduled for automatic restarts on Monday mornings at 10AM UTC (6AM Eastern). Beware: this restart does not yet have a warning before it disconnects players. A warning will likely be added in the future. For now this ensures regular resolution of any bugs that can be resolved by a server reboot.

New server host

Due to issues with the previous server's ISP, the game and web servers have been moved to a new host. They should be faster and more reliable now.

Summons and pets improved

Summons now redirect 75% of the experience they earned to their master. This should help charisma mages level up. Pets still do not redirect any experience, since they can level up.

Summons now do full damage in PVP, and pets now do 1/2 damage in PVP. This was increased from 1/8 damage for both. However, both also take full damage in PVP now as well.

Game account management now done through the website

Game account management has been added to the site. Use it to create new game accounts, link legacy accounts, and reset game account passwords! Now all you need is your e-mail address for full account recovery!

Note: You can have multiple game accounts linked to one web account and e-mail address.

Server first level 70

Congratulations to our server first level 70 player: Whippeldorf!

Forums added to the site

New forums added to the site!

Massive junk drop reduction

Junk drops have been reduced substantially across the board. This was a very large sweeping change, and should improve play experience significantly! Spellbooks and similar items have been made stackable, and personal dwarf storage space has been doubled as well.

Exp curve tweaked

The leveling curve has been substantially reduced up until 52. After 52, it is normal 8x rates.

New database lookups

The website now has database lookups for monsters and items! Check out the link at the top of the page and search for any item or monster in the game to find exact stats and drop rates.

Elemental and accessory enchanting enabled


Random disconnect bug fixed

After a player died, there was a timer created to disconnect them after 10 minutes if they just sat there dead on the ground and did not restart. However, this timer was not being correctly disabled when the player restarted. So players would always get disconnected exactly 10 minutes after dying and restarting. This disconnect was not logged originally, so it was hard to track down because the disconnects seemed random.

Speed hack detection improved and enabled

Speed hack detection has been improved such that players will not get disconnected if they get a small lag spike. Walking too fast will simply teleport the player back to where they should be. Attacks and spell casts that are too fast will simply get rejected. This way we can leave speed hack prevention enabled without interfering with normal gameplay.

Fur duping exploit fixed

The L1J bug that allowed duping adena through the fur NPC has been fixed. This exploit was at least 3 years old.

Candle of Reminiscence exploit fixed

The L1J bug that allowed players to gain bogus primary stats through using Candles has been fixed. This exploit was at least 3 years old.

Shops Online: 26

Live Players Online: 44

  • Royals: 4
  • Knights: 13
  • Elves: 9
  • Mages: 14
  • Dark Elves: 4
  • Illusionists: 0
  • Dragon Knights: 0

Today's Sieges:

No sieges in the next 12 hours!

L1J Resurrection server features:
  • No donations allowed
  • Market web app
  • Database lookup web app
  • No swing lag
  • No MP regen bug
  • Reduced junk drops
  • Several major exploits eliminated
  • Automatic database backups
  • Account management
  • Medium rates
  • Stable and long term
  • English only
  1. Register a web account
  2. Create a game account
  3. Install and run Launcher.exe
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