Lineage - Ring of Yahee

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Item Name:

Ring of Yahee (Normal)

AC (Armor Class)0Safe Enchant-1Typering
MaterialboneWeight1Usable byRoyal, Mage, Dragon Knight, Elf, Illusionist, Knight, Dark Elf
Minimum Level52Can TradeNoAccessory gradeHigh

Part of set
Set items
Helm of Yahee
Cloak of Yahee
Shirt of Yahee
Armor of Yahee
Gloves of Yahee
Boots of Yahee
Ring of Yahee
Amulet of Yahee
Set bonus
Max HP100Dexterity1HP Regen15
MP Regen15Constitution1Intelligence1
Armor Class-88Wisdom1Charisma1
Max MP100Strength1

Drops from

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