Lineage - Magic Gem

L1J Resurrection Database

Item Name:

Magic Gem (Normal)

Weight2StackableYesCan TradeYes

Shops Selling/Buying
ShopBuysSellsX LocationY LocationMap
BerryYN3373932492Lair of Valakas
JacksonYN3275232432Orcish Forest
MellinYN3309733385Silver Knight Town
Shop (Pots)YY3309133390Silver Knight Town

Contained by
Diamond karif Pouch110%
Emerald High Quality karif Pouch39%
Diamond High Quality karif Pouch48%
Bronze Pumpkin205%
Bronze Pumpkin of a Brave Man (Gold)1510%
Bronze Pumpkin of a Brave Man (Silver)1010%
Bronze Pumpkin of a Brave Man (Copper)58%

Crafted 1250 at a time with
Relic of Paagrio50

Used to craft
ItemRequired Quantity
Bless of Elm5
Elven Cloak2
Wizard Clothing25
Wizard Cap20
Staff of Ice Queen100
Ring of Summon Control100
Special Spirit Crystal3

Drops from
Beleth of Varlok15%
Demon of Varlok15%
Succubus Queen of Varlok15%
Lesser Demon of Varlok15%
Baphomet of Varlok15%
Succubus of Varlok15%

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  • Market web app
  • Database lookup web app
  • No swing lag
  • No MP regen bug
  • Reduced junk drops
  • Several major exploits eliminated
  • Automatic database backups
  • Account management
  • Medium rates
  • Stable and long term
  • English only
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  2. Create a game account
  3. Install and run Launcher.exe
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