Lineage - Sword of Silence

L1J Resurrection Database

Item Name:

Sword of Silence (Normal)

Average Base Damage6Damage (Small)1-12Damage (Large)1-12
Safe Enchant6Damage Bonus0Hit Bonus2
Damageable1Range1Usable byRoyal, Dragon Knight, Elf, Knight, Dark Elf
Can TradeYes

Available on the Market
Item+QuantityTotal price
+0Sword of Silence1

Crafted 1 at a time with
Lump of Iron20
Potion of Dark Forest50
Venom of Plate Worm50
Bud of Deep Flower20
Claw of Black Tiger10
Fang of Black Tiger20
Tear of Gran Kain40

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  • Market web app
  • Database lookup web app
  • No swing lag
  • No MP regen bug
  • Reduced junk drops
  • Several major exploits eliminated
  • Automatic database backups
  • Account management
  • Medium rates
  • Stable and long term
  • English only
  1. Register a web account
  2. Create a game account
  3. Install and run Launcher.exe
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