Lineage - Giant Soldier Ant

L1J Resurrection Database

Monster Name:

Giant Soldier Ant

Lawful-20HP Regen0MP Regen0
TamableYesTypeNormalHard skinNo
AggroYesPoly AggroYesInvis AggroYes

Spawns at
Mainland Aden3283933229
Ant Caves 2F3273832799
Ant Caves 3F3273832799
Ant Caves 4F3273832799
Ant Caves 5F3280032800
Ant Caves 6F3280032800
Ant Caves 7F3280032800
Ant Caves 8F3274032802
Ant Caves 9F3276432828

L1J Resurrection server features:
  • No donations allowed
  • Market web app
  • Database lookup web app
  • No swing lag
  • No MP regen bug
  • Reduced junk drops
  • Several major exploits eliminated
  • Automatic database backups
  • Account management
  • Medium rates
  • Stable and long term
  • English only
  1. Register a web account
  2. Create a game account
  3. Install and run Launcher.exe
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