Server Rules

L1J Resurrection Server Rules

  1. In-Game chat

    In-game chat is not policed or censored in any way. Players will not be banned for their chat actions unless they attack a member of the staff.

    You can use /chatoff or /exclude to exclude players who annoy you. /exclude is persistent on Lineage Resurrection, meaning it will stay after you log off!

    **** Avoiding /exclude by using alts is jailable/bannable offense! ****

  2. Exploits

    Exploits are not allowed on Lineage Resurrection, period. Using any form of exploit (speed hack, walk-through hack, etc.) are not allowed. If you are unsure if an action could be considered an exploit, ask the staff! Ignorance of something being an exploit is not an excuse.

    Any exploit found must be reported to the staff immediately! Reported exploits (with an example of how to reproduce it so we can fix it) can be rewarded, depending on the severity of the exploit. Only the first person to report the exploit can be rewarded.

  3. Auto-potting/Auto-Teleporting/Auto-Buffing

    Not allowed. If you are caught it could be anything from a 1 week jail, to a permanent ban, depending on how severe the staff deem the infraction.

    You are allowed to have buffs on a timer so you get buffed every x minutes, but if you auto-buff after being cancelled, then see the above sentence!

  4. Botting/Macroing

    To put it plainly, botting is not allowed. At all. End of story. Period.

    The following actions are allowed to be macroed both while at the keyboard and AFK:

    1. Turning bring stones
    2. Cooking
    3. Fishing
    4. Creating spell scrolls

    If you are caught automating anything but these 4 actions, you will be banned. This is a zero-tolerance policy.

    It does not matter if you were at the keyboard or not!

  5. Client Mods

    Modding the client is allowed in visual ways only. Any visual mods done to your client must be posted in the client mod forum. If you are found using a mod that you did not post in the forum, you risk having your account banned.

  6. Real-Money Transactions

    RMT is against the rules. If you are found participating in any sales or purchases for real cash, you risk having your account banned.

  7. Account Sharing

    This is done at your own risk! While you will not be banned for sharing an account, if someone who has accessed your account, or someone whose account you have accessed, gets banned for whatever reason, we typically do an IP lookup and ban all associated accounts. That means yours as well! It is your responsibility to ensure you only share your account with the most trustworthy of players.

  8. Scamming

    The staff will not get involved in scams; we have better things to worry about.

  9. Global Chat

    Remember that this is an English private server, so make sure you're only speaking English in global chat. Continuous breaking of this rule can result in a chat ban or even the offending character being jailed.

  10. Respect

    If you don't show the staff respect, you can get banned. Voicing your opinion or disagreeing with a staff member is one thing, but verbally abusing them or attacking them in any way will result in a permanent ban from the server.

  11. Don't be a dick

    While we are all about freedom of speech on this server, stuff like standing in a safety zone stopping players from accessing areas, where they can't do anything to get you to move is not allowed.

    Rule #11 can and will be updated when we find other dick stuff we want to add, but these will typically not result in a permanant ban (unless you really annoy us), but will more likely result in longer and longer jail sentences for each offense. Currently the first warning for these offenses is 1 week!

This is a free service offered by the staff of Lineage Resurrection and the staff dedicate their personal time to keep this server running. While we strive to bring a great server and a true Lineage experience to the players, everything done is best effort.

Shops Online: 3

Live Players Online: 18

  • Royals: 2
  • Knights: 4
  • Elves: 4
  • Mages: 8
  • Dark Elves: 0
  • Illusionists: 0
  • Dragon Knights: 0

Today's Sieges:

  • Aden Castle (02:00:00 GMT)
  • Kent Castle (02:00:00 GMT)
L1J Resurrection server features:
  • No donations allowed
  • Market web app
  • Database lookup web app
  • No swing lag
  • No MP regen bug
  • Reduced junk drops
  • Several major exploits eliminated
  • Automatic database backups
  • Account management
  • Medium rates
  • Stable and long term
  • English only
  1. Register a web account
  2. Create a game account
  3. Install and run Launcher.exe
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