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Don't know if you guys (Smitty & Tricid) poke around on forums at all, but if you happen to see this, please give the following request a thought: There have been some issues of late bringing the server down constantly.

Smelf briefly addressed it here: https://www.zelgo.net/linweb/topic/read/3751.

I was wondering if there might be snowball's chance in hell you two might lend Soren, Smelf, and Zylaxyma a hand in figuring out the problem. I know you fellas said you're done GM-ing and concentrating on coding stuff (which I hope is coming along nicely).  Just thought I'd take a shot in the dark and put the requst out there.  I do not speak on behalf of any current GM's. I know they are busy and you are too. I don't doubt thier abilities, nor does this post seek to imply that they are incapable; I just thought some temporary reinforcements might help.

Thanks in advance guys. And thanks to Soren, Smelf and Zylaxmya for keeping it up.

I'm sure there will be some rage-replies to this. I am, for one, grateful that the server is still running. It is provided for FREE and on volunteer basis of GM's. It will encounter obstacles. Don't b**ch about it. The time spent maintaining this thing is DONATED by them. So piss off if you're gonna rage reply here. 

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I endorse the above statement

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They're busy fixing justice ;)